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"The area northeast of Greenland"
Print date: Wednesday, August 5 2020 - 21:31
Page last modified: Novenber 27, 2013
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The area northeast of Greenland

Map showing the potential claim area (grey tone) with an approximate size of 63,000 km². The Greenland exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is shown in red, Norway’s EEZ from Svalbard and Jan Mayen respectively in yellow. The 350 nautical mile limit line is shown in blue. The agreed boundaries between Greenland and Svalbard and Greenland and Jan Mayen are shown in green.

Multibeam bathymetric data acquired along the East Greenland Ridge during the EAGER2011 cruise. Background grid from IBCAO.
The outer limits of the North-Eastern Continental Shelf of Greenland beyond 200 nautical miles (M). Red lines show the 200 M lines of Greenland and Norway respectively and the black lines show the agreed maritime boundaries with Norway.
Enlarge map
The area of interest off North-East Greenland is bordered by the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of Svalbard (Norway) to the north, Jan Mayen (Norway) to the south and Greenland to the west. Depending on whether the East Greenland Ridge can be regarded as a submarine elevation according to article 76 of UNCLOS, the potential claim area can have a size of approximately 65,000km2.

Since summer of 2002 three successful data acquisition projects have been undertaken in the area off North-East Greenland in cooperation with Sweden and Norway:

With the EAGER2011 cruise data acquisition in the area off North-East Greenland within the framework of the Continental Shelf Project of the Kingdom of Denmark has been finalized.

On 26 November 2013, the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark together with the Government of Greenland submitted documentation for extended continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles north-east of Greenland to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS). The claimed area covers approximately 62.000 km2 between the 200 nautical mile lines of Greenland and Svalbard.

The continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles of Norway overlaps the claim of the Kingdom of Denmark off North-East Greenland. The final delimitation of boundaries between the two States will, as appropriate, be determined through a bilateral agreement after recommendations on the submission regarding the North-Eastern Continental Shelf of Greenland have been received from the CLCS.
The Executive Summary of the submission can be downloaded:
DNK2013_EX-SUM_NE-GREENLAND.pdf (pdf-file ~6,3 mb)